There are nine different fission Isotopes, nine fusion Isotopes, and one mechanical Isotope in NuclearCraft. They are used mostly for creating various Nuclear Fuels.

Fission Isotopes Edit

Thorium-230: Helium Collectors, decays into Lead

Thorium-232: TBU Fuel, Decays into Thorium-230

Uranium-233: LEU-233/HEU-233, Decays into Lead

Uranium-235: LEU-235/HEU-235, Decays into Lead

Uranium-238: Provides the nonreactive part for all MOX and Uranium-based Fuels, Decays to Thorium-230

Plutonium-238: RTG Cells, Decays to Thorium-230

Plutonium-239: LEP-239/HEP-239/MOX-239, Decays to Uranium-235

Plutonium-241: Nukes, LEP-241/HEP-241/MOX-241, Decays into Uranium-233

Plutonium-242: Provide nonreactive part for all Plutonium-based fuels, Decays into Uranium-238

Fusion Isotopes Edit

Hydrogen-1 (Hydrogen/Protium): Fusion, Produced by Electrolyser

Hydrogen-2 (Deuterium): Fusion, Produced by Electrolyser

Hydrogen-3 (Tritium): Fusion, Produced by Electrolyser, Decays into Helium-3

Helium-3: Fusion, Produced by decaying Tritium

Helium-4: Entirely useless currently, Produced by many different fusion reactions





Mechanical Isotopes Edit

Oxygen: Used in Oxidiser to produce Oxide Nuclear Fuels