Fusion Reactor
Fuel Fusion Nuclear Fuels
Upgradeable No

The Fusion Reactor is powered by Nuclear Fusion by combining various Fusion Nuclear Fuels. In order to get it started, it requires heat, which can be created by inputting large amounts of RF into the reactor. Once the temperature has reached 8 MK (Mega-Kelvin) a reaction may be started. This takes approximately 40,000,000 RF (If you have Ender IO, this is 180% of the storage capacity of a Vibrant Capacitor). The amount of RF generated is based on the fuel types and the heat of the reactor. It has a maximum temperature of 20,000 MK.

The reactor will gain heat continuously while a reaction in in progress. The reaction can be disabled with a redstone signal applied to the bottom center block of the reactor. While disabled the reactor will continue to output RF until its internal buffer is empty, after which it will begin quickly losing heat. The higher the temperature, the faster the heat is lost. This is the only way to lose heat; the reactor will not lose heat if it runs out of fuel. The reactor will never drop below 7 MK in this fashion, so restarting the reactor only requires a minimal amount of energy.

At lower efficiencies fuel will be consumed slower and will produce less RF each. For instance, while operating at 30% efficiency it will use 1 fuel/second and output 200 RF/fuel, for a total 200 RF/t; while at 90% it will use 3 fuel/second and output 600 RF/fuel, for a total 1800 RF/t.

Comparators check the efficiency of the reactor, maxing out at 95% efficiency.

Multiple reactors may be combined by stacking them. This will increase RF output and fuel consumption in a linear fashion - for instance two reactors doubles the RF output and the amount of fuel consumed per tick, three reactors triples it, etc. There is no limit to the number of reactors that can be stacked. All reactors use the inventory of the bottom reactor, so breaking and replacing any non-bottom reactor is safe. Therefore, placing a reactor below another will empty the inventory of the reactor above it.

Recipe: Edit


8 Reaction generators,16 Advanced plating,1 Electromagnet

GUI and Interface: Edit


Item Input: Any side

Item Output: Any side on the bottom layer

Energy In/Out: All faces

Redstone Control: Bottom-center block on lowest layer only