Decay Hastener
Fuel Redstone Flux
Upgradeable Yes

The Decay Hastener is a machine which uses Redstone Flux to accelerate the rate at which Nuclear Fuels decay. Speed Upgrades can be installed to lower the time per operation, and Energy Upgrades can be installed to increase the energy efficiency of the machine.

Recipes: Edit

Input --> Output
Pu-242 --> U-238
Pu-241 --> U-233
Pu-239 --> U-235
Pu-238 --> Th-230
U-238 --> Th-230
U-235 --> Lead
U-233 --> Lead
Th-232 --> Lead
Th-230 --> Lead
Tritium --> Helium-3

Recipe: Edit

4 Tough Alloy Ingots, 8 Basic Plating, 4 Universal Reactant

GUI Edit

Decay Hastener GUI

Automation: Input: Top, Output: Sides and Bottom